North Coast 500

This page lists HSPC properties for sale within a few miles of the route of the North Coast 500.

So what is NC500? – The North Coast 500 is a route across the North of Scotland covering some of Scotland's finest coastal scenery and it’s being called - Scotland's answer to Route 66. The appeal of the route is obvious and in recent years the North has had many visitors driving round this beautiful area. HSPC has experienced an increase in enquiries from people who live outside the area and having driven the NC500 have fallen for the North. To help showcase properties that are for sale near the NC500 we have created this page, so if you have driven the route and are tempted by this part of the world or are just curious -this is a great place to start.. 

The route starts in the northern city of Inverness, (We don’t include Inverness in our page return as it’s such a huge number, you can see all Inverness here) weaves along the west coast to Applecross and then northwards towards the bustling village of Torridon and town of Ullapool. From there, you'll venture to some of the most northerly coastal points in Scotland, passing by Caithness and John o' Groats before heading south again through Dingwall and finally back to Inverness. For more information on the route itself go to

Westfield, Evelix Road, Dornoch
Westfield, Evelix Road, DornochDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 59691Offers Over £675,000Arthur & Carmichael
West Coast Hideaways, 355 Nedd, Drumbeg Lairg
West Coast Hideaways, 355 Nedd, Drumbeg LairgDetached Cottage 2 bedrooms - (4 acres | 1.62 hectares)Ref: 59612Offers Over £660,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
7 Redpoint & Croftland, Gairloch
7 Redpoint & Croftland, GairlochDetached Villa 4 bedrooms - (8 acres | 3.24 hectares)Ref: 59681Offers Over £500,000Macleod & MacCallum
Aroma Cafe & Gift Shop With Potential Residence, Mellon Charles, Aultbea
Aroma Cafe & Gift Shop With Potential Residence, Mellon Charles, AultbeaCommercial Property Ref: 57207Around £495,000Macleod & MacCallum
Stonechats Croft, 9 Upper Badcall, Scourie  Lairg
Stonechats Croft, 9 Upper Badcall, Scourie LairgDetached Cottage 3 bedrooms - (4 acres | 1.62 hectares)Ref: 58357Offers Over £450,000Arthur & CarmichaelUnder Offer
Cairnhill, High Street, Dornoch
Cairnhill, High Street, DornochDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 59587Offers Over £395,000Arthur & CarmichaelUnder Offer
Development Land, Kirksheaf Road, TainBuilding Site Ref: 42333Around £350,000P Black Solicitors Ltd
Strathayre, 6 Station Road, DingwallEnd Terraced House 7 bedroomsRef: 58986Offers Over £340,000P Black Solicitors LtdUnder Offer
Closing Date Set
40 Braes of Conon, Conon Bridge
40 Braes of Conon, Conon BridgeDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 59718Offers Over £340,000Macleod & MacCallum Under Offer
Waterside Cottage, Ardaneaskan, Lochcarron
Waterside Cottage, Ardaneaskan, LochcarronDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 59696Offers Over £335,000Macleod & MacCallum
Apartment 3, Old Stable Yard, St Gilbert Street Dornoch
Apartment 3, Old Stable Yard, St Gilbert Street DornochFlat 3 bedroomsRef: 59663Offers Over £330,000Arthur & Carmichael
An Cardach, Burghfield, Dornoch
An Cardach, Burghfield, DornochDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 59537Offers Over £325,000Arthur & Carmichael
Closing Date Set
18 Coast, Inverasdale
18 Coast, InverasdaleDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 59615Offers Over £315,000Macleod & MacCallum Under Offer
Bridge Cottage, Leckmelm, Ullapool
Bridge Cottage, Leckmelm, UllapoolSemi-Detached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 59627Offers Over £315,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Rossal House, 2 Broomhill, North Road Ullapool
Rossal House, 2 Broomhill, North Road UllapoolDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 59746Offers Over £315,000Innes & MacKay
3 Badluarach, Dundonnell Ross-shire
3 Badluarach, Dundonnell Ross-shireDetached Villa 3 bedrooms - (14 acres | 5.67 hectares)Ref: 59620Offers Over £300,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Fearnmore House, Fearnmore, Applecross
Fearnmore House, Fearnmore, ApplecrossDetached Cottage 3 bedroomsRef: 55706Offers Over £300,000South Forrest
New! New! New!
Dhumount, Hilton, Dornoch
Dhumount, Hilton, DornochDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 59771Offers Over £290,000Macleod & MacCallum
Blackwood West, Strathcarron
Blackwood West, StrathcarronDetached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 59680Offers Over £285,000Macleod & MacCallum Under Offer
Mallards, Udrigle, Laide
Mallards, Udrigle, LaideDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 58454Offers Over £280,000Anderson, Shaw & GilbertUnder Offer
Rowan Cottage, Arrina Strathcarron
Rowan Cottage, Arrina StrathcarronDetached Cottage 2 bedroomsRef: 59400Offers Over £270,000Macleod & MacCallum Under Offer
Assynt Cottage, 205 Clashmore, Lochinver
Assynt Cottage, 205 Clashmore, LochinverDetached Cottage 2 bedrooms - (1 acres | 0.4 hectares)Ref: 59616Offers Over £260,000Anderson, Shaw & GilbertUnder Offer
15 Castlehill Road, Dingwall
15 Castlehill Road, DingwallDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 59737Offers Over £260,000Middleton Ross
New! New! New!
Nurses House, Durnamuck, Dundonnell
Nurses House, Durnamuck, DundonnellDetached Cottage 3 bedroomsRef: 59779Offers Over £250,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Orcadia, Sutherland Road, Dornoch
Orcadia, Sutherland Road, DornochDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 59590Offers Over £250,000Arthur & CarmichaelUnder Offer
Apartment 2, Old Stable Yard, St Gilbert Street  Dornoch
Apartment 2, Old Stable Yard, St Gilbert Street DornochFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 59662Offers Over £250,000Arthur & Carmichael
Pollan-na-Clach, 247 Culkein, Stoer Lochinver
Pollan-na-Clach, 247 Culkein, Stoer LochinverDetached Cottage 3 bedroomsRef: 59389Offers Over £250,000Anderson, Shaw & GilbertUnder Offer
Clunes Villa, Park Street, DingwallSemi-Detached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 59530Offers Over £240,000P Black Solicitors LtdUnder Offer
Rose Cottage, Lochcarron
Rose Cottage, LochcarronDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 59585Offers Over £240,000Macleod & MacCallum Under Offer
Crannag, 115a Rhitongue, Tongue
Crannag, 115a Rhitongue, TongueDetached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 59517Offers Over £230,000Anderson, Shaw & GilbertUnder Offer
New! New! New!
5 West Terrace, Ullapool
5 West Terrace, UllapoolSemi-Detached Cottage 3 bedroomsRef: 59758Offers Over £225,000Anderson, Shaw & GilbertUnder Offer
Tigh a Chreagan, Toscaig, Applecross
Tigh a Chreagan, Toscaig, ApplecrossDetached Cottage 2 bedroomsRef: 59542Fixed £220,000Macleod & MacCallum Under Offer
Mdiza, Castle Close, Dornoch
Mdiza, Castle Close, DornochDetached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 59598Offers Over £220,000Arthur & CarmichaelUnder Offer
331 Drumbeg, Lochinver
331 Drumbeg, LochinverDetached Bungalow 4 bedroomsRef: 59247Offers Over £215,000Innes & MacKayUnder Offer
Hill Crest, Colonels Road, Lochcarron
Hill Crest, Colonels Road, LochcarronDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 59702Offers Over £215,000Macleod & MacCallum
Building Plot, Swordale, Evanton
Building Plot, Swordale, EvantonBuilding Site - (1.1 acres | 0.45 hectares)Ref: 59215Offers Over £210,000Middleton Ross
Ambleside, 3 Old Evanton Road, DingwallDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 59528Offers Over £205,000P Black Solicitors LtdUnder Offer
23 Mayfield Wynd, Tain
23 Mayfield Wynd, TainDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 59669Offers Over £200,000Macleod & MacCallum
2 Obsdale Park, Alness
2 Obsdale Park, AlnessDetached Villa 4 bedroomsRef: 59673Offers Over £200,000Macleod & MacCallum Under Offer
Border View, 35 Averon Road, Alness
Border View, 35 Averon Road, AlnessDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 59583Offers Over £195,000Middleton Ross
Blairstarn, Clashmore, Lochinver
Blairstarn, Clashmore, LochinverDetached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 59689Offers Over £190,000Macleod & MacCallum Under Offer
2 Bridgend Court, Dingwall
2 Bridgend Court, DingwallTerraced House 3 bedroomsRef: 59672Offers Over £185,000Middleton Ross
Tigh A Garadh Beag, Drumbeg, BY LAIRG
Tigh A Garadh Beag, Drumbeg, BY LAIRGDetached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 59422Offers Over £180,000Macleod & MacCallum
Tigh Bruadair, Drumbeg, Sutherland
Tigh Bruadair, Drumbeg, SutherlandDetached Bungalow 3 bedroomsRef: 59703Offers Over £175,000Anderson, Shaw & GilbertUnder Offer
Price Change
Plots 9 & 11, Mountrich Place, Dingwall
Plots 9 & 11, Mountrich Place, DingwallBuilding Site - (0.88 acres | 0.36 hectares)Ref: 55507Offers Over £165,000Munro & NobleUnder Offer
The Thatched Croft, 6 Gartymore, Helmsdale
The Thatched Croft, 6 Gartymore, HelmsdaleDetached Cottage 2 bedroomsRef: 51127Around £160,000Munro & NobleUnder Offer
Arden, 5 Hill Street, Tain
Arden, 5 Hill Street, TainDetached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 59077Offers Over £155,000Macleod & MacCallum
1 Obsdale Gardens, Alness
1 Obsdale Gardens, AlnessSemi-Detached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 59600Offers Over £155,000Middleton Ross
21 Hill Street, Alness
21 Hill Street, AlnessSemi-Detached Cottage 2 bedroomsRef: 59694Offers Over £155,000Middleton Ross
64 Teandallon Square, Evanton
64 Teandallon Square, EvantonSemi-Detached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 59688Offers Over £150,000Innes & MacKayUnder Offer
4 Logie Place, Conon Bridge
4 Logie Place, Conon BridgeSemi-Detached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 59551Offers Over £150,000Middleton Ross
Building Plot, Moss Road Ullapool
Building Plot, Moss Road UllapoolBuilding Site Ref: 56800Offers Over £150,000Anderson, Shaw & GilbertUnder Offer
38 Macdonald Road, Dornoch
38 Macdonald Road, DornochSemi-Detached Villa 3 bedroomsRef: 59544Offers Over £145,000Arthur & CarmichaelUnder Offer
7 Balconie Steading, Evanton
7 Balconie Steading, EvantonEnd Terraced House 2 bedroomsRef: 59709Offers Over £145,000Middleton Ross
Baigh Na Mara, Ardmair, Ullapool
Baigh Na Mara, Ardmair, UllapoolChalet 3 bedroomsRef: 59575Offers Over £135,000Anderson, Shaw & GilbertUnder Offer
Post Office House, 2 Chapel Road, Evanton
Post Office House, 2 Chapel Road, EvantonSemi-Detached Villa 5 bedroomsRef: 59163Offers Over £125,000Macleod & MacCallum
118 Shillinghill, Alness
118 Shillinghill, AlnessSemi-Detached Villa 2 bedroomsRef: 59179Offers Over £118,000MacKenzie & CormackUnder Offer
4 MacDonald Road, Dingwall
4 MacDonald Road, DingwallTerraced House 2 bedroomsRef: 59236Offers Over £100,000Middleton Ross
Development Plot, St Duthus Place, Tain
Development Plot, St Duthus Place, TainBuilding Site Ref: 56521Offers Over £100,000MacKenzie & CormackUnder Offer
44 Cambrai Court, Dingwall
44 Cambrai Court, DingwallFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 59682Offers Over £100,000Middleton Ross
The Old Hostel, Badbea, Dundonnell
The Old Hostel, Badbea, DundonnellProperty with Land 2 bedroomsRef: 59730Offers Over £100,000Middleton Ross
Closing Date Set
1 Woodlands Drive, Milton
1 Woodlands Drive, MiltonSemi-Detached Bungalow 2 bedroomsRef: 59629Offers Over £95,000Macleod & MacCallum
Closing Date Set
Linga, Inverkirkaig Lochinver
Linga, Inverkirkaig LochinverChalet 2 bedroomsRef: 59476Offers Over £95,000Macleod & MacCallum Under Offer
Price Change
Building Plot, 9 Mihol Road, Gairloch
Building Plot, 9 Mihol Road, GairlochBuilding Site Ref: 59491Offers Over £95,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
10 Grey Coast Buildings, Williamson Street Wick
10 Grey Coast Buildings, Williamson Street WickFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 58359Offers Over £92,500Macleod & MacCallum Under Offer
Plot by Rowan Cottage, Arrina, Strathcarron
Plot by Rowan Cottage, Arrina, StrathcarronBuilding Site Ref: 59289Around £90,000Macleod & MacCallum
25 Hill Street, Dingwall
25 Hill Street, DingwallCommercial Property Ref: 58378Offers Over £85,000Munro & NobleUnder Offer
Plot of Land, Arrina, Strathcarron
Plot of Land, Arrina, StrathcarronLand Ref: 58475Around £85,000Macleod & MacCallum
8 Cambrai Court, Dingwall
8 Cambrai Court, DingwallFlat 1 bedroomRef: 59714Offers Over £85,000Middleton Ross Under Offer
Plot 10 Blair of Tarradale, Black Isle Road  Muir of Ord
Plot 10 Blair of Tarradale, Black Isle Road Muir of OrdLand Ref: 58606Offers Over £80,000Munro & NobleUnder Offer
Plots at Barbaraville, Invergordon
Plots at Barbaraville, InvergordonBuilding Site Ref: 56862Prices from £80,000Macleod & MacCallum
Plot at Ardarroch, Kishorn Wester Ross
Plot at Ardarroch, Kishorn Wester RossBuilding Site Ref: 53489Offers Over £80,000Wright, Johnston, MacKenzieUnder Offer
Plot at Dalcharn, Bettyhill
Plot at Dalcharn, BettyhillBuilding Site Ref: 59676Around £80,000Macleod & MacCallum
Plot 1, Drumchork Wood Aultbea
Plot 1, Drumchork Wood AultbeaBuilding Site Ref: 59656Offers Over £75,000South Forrest
Building Plot
Old Bruan Free Kirk, Ulbster, Lybster
Old Bruan Free Kirk, Ulbster, LybsterBuilding Site Ref: 59384Offers Over £75,000South Forrest
Plot 50m SW of Taigh a' Bharoin, Letters, Lochbroom Nr. Ullapool
Plot 50m SW of Taigh a' Bharoin, Letters, Lochbroom Nr. UllapoolBuilding Site Ref: 54441Offers Over £75,000Munro & NobleUnder Offer
Plots at Larchbridge Way, Dingwall
Plots at Larchbridge Way, DingwallBuilding Site Ref: 58968Prices from £73,000Macleod & MacCallum
Croft 6, Badcaul, Dundonnell
Croft 6, Badcaul, DundonnellCroft - (4.84 acres | 1.96 hectares)Ref: 58826Offers Over £70,000Middleton Ross
Plot with Steading, At 15 South Erradale, Gairloch
Plot with Steading, At 15 South Erradale, GairlochLand Ref: 49797Around £70,000Munro & NobleUnder Offer
Croft 19, Melvaig, Gairloch
Croft 19, Melvaig, GairlochCroft Ref: 56227Around £70,000Middleton Ross Under Offer
6 Tulloch Court, Dingwall
6 Tulloch Court, DingwallFlat 2 bedroomsRef: 59016Offers Over £68,000Middleton Ross
27 Melvaig, Gairloch
27 Melvaig, GairlochBuilding Site Ref: 54821Around £65,000Middleton Ross Under Offer
Croft 9, Aultbea
Croft 9, Aultbea Building Site Ref: 48462Around £65,000Innes & MacKay
Plot at 301, Clashnessie Stoer
Plot at 301, Clashnessie StoerBuilding Site Ref: 58891Offers Over £60,000Macleod & MacCallum
Plot at Balchladich, 199 Clashmore, Assynt
Plot at Balchladich, 199 Clashmore, AssyntBuilding Site Ref: 58929Offers Over £60,000Macleod & MacCallum
Plots in Drummuie, Golspie
Plots in Drummuie, GolspieBuilding Site Ref: 58967Prices from £60,000Macleod & MacCallum
Plots off Munro Place, Bettyhill
Plots off Munro Place, BettyhillBuilding Site Ref: 59677Prices from £60,000Macleod & MacCallum
Plot at Scotsburn Road, Tain
Plot at Scotsburn Road, TainBuilding Site Ref: 59727Offers Over £60,000Macleod & MacCallum
Croft 17, Scouriemore, Lairg
Croft 17, Scouriemore, LairgCroft - (1.41 acres | 0.57 hectares)Ref: 59097Offers Over £59,000Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert
Bridgend Stores, Novar Road, Alness
Bridgend Stores, Novar Road, AlnessCommercial Property Ref: 51278Offers Over £55,000MacKenzie & CormackUnder Offer
Plots in Ullapool, Ullapool,
Plots in Ullapool, Ullapool, Building Site Ref: 59497Offers Over £55,000Macleod & MacCallum
Scott's Bothy, Kingscauseway, Tain
Scott's Bothy, Kingscauseway, TainDetached Cottage Ref: 59152Offers Over £50,000MacKenzie & CormackUnder Offer
6 Grey Coast Buildings, Williamson Street Wick
6 Grey Coast Buildings, Williamson Street WickFlat 1 bedroomRef: 58360Offers Over £45,000Macleod & MacCallum Under Offer
Plot at Nedd, Assynt
Plot at Nedd, AssyntLand Ref: 57396Offers Over £45,000Macleod & MacCallum
Dewing Close, Appitauld, Milton By KildaryBuilding Site - (4.94 acres | 2 hectares)Ref: 57122Prices from £41,000P Black Solicitors Ltd
House Plot, Chapel St Tain
House Plot, Chapel St TainBuilding Site Ref: 57106Offers Over £39,500MacKenzie & Cormack
72 High Street, Dingwall
72 High Street, DingwallResidential/Commercial Ref: 59434Rent p.a. £19,000Highland Council Property Sales
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